Project ECHO is a national initiative with respect to health care providers. This program is the main ASU College or university of Well-being Solutions. The program’s objective is to increase health care capacity by sharing knowledge among the community. It works by setting up a hub and spoke network where professionals in different areas are linked to share all their expertise and best practices. This method allows doctors to interact with each other in clubs, rather than working in silos. Through Project ECHO, health care experts can study from each other and increase patient caution.

The idea pertaining to Project REPLICATE began in 2003 at the University of New Mexico, just where Doctor Sanjeev Arora a specialist in liver disease planned to reach as much patients as possible. By sharing knowledge, this individual created a plan that allowed primary consideration physicians to find out from a medical expert. This cooperation allows medical doctors to build experience in treating complex health issues, including diabetes, Hepatitis C, opioid addiction, and mental disease.

Since the program’s inception, Project ECHO offers expanded to more than forty countries and 9, 000 cities. With the aid of telemedicine, the business has forged a global activity to de-monopolize understanding and share this with principal care providers. In addition to collaborating with primary good care providers, the project can help build a global community of practice to improve health care in rural areas. The network’s live panels of subject matter pros also assist to strengthen community capacity and improve patient care.